I like to think of myself as a visual storyteller, creating characters and images that are surreal, mysterious or quirky. My illustrations are derived from numerous pencil sketches, mostly observations, sometimes dreams or from literature, history and the news. Storytelling through visuals offer a viewer an opportunity to interpret an image as I see it or to read further into it and explore how the imagery relates to them. My objective is to evoke an emotion, a memory or a smile and to inspire.

Annie’s Story

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Art has been a major part of my life. I’ve been an artist and designer for many years. When I started my design business, Zygdesignz Studio, I felt confident in my skills as an owner and graphic/web designer after working for a number of terrific employees.Getting experience in different aspects of the job market enriches opportunities, I think. I enjoy working and brainstorming ideas with small businesses, educational institutions and individual talents. I often listen to their story and then work behind-the-scenes to design a brand (logo and look) and marketing campaign based on their journey and prospects for the future. It’s very rewarding to collaborate, meet deadlines and strive to help them succeed.

Another part of my studio is devoted to Illustration. Initially, I painted in oils and pastels but three years ago, I went digital. But I find that pencil sketches are still an important to develop ideas before the finished piece. Throughout my career, I’ve created editorial art for magazines, educational books and products for children as well as three-dimensional clay art for props and displays. My three-dimensional character sculpts found a niche and were sold to collectors and retail shops.

That’s a little glimpse into my art process and background. Below are some extra details worth noting. Thanks so much for your interest!

Style: My Artwork features two styles:

  1. Children's Books/Products and Stationery: Pastel palette of playful images portraying picture book to young adult character design and scenes.

  2. Gallery, Stationery, and Book Cover Art: Muted dark palette with images that are surreal and quirky. Portrait and scenic paintings sold in galleries and retail/wholesale. Illustrations are also appropriate for children’s YA and older middle grade interior and covers.

Galleries and Retail Shops where you can find my prints and cards for sale.

  • True Lily Gift Shop, Main Street, Canandaigua, NY

  • Skaneateles Artisans, Skaneateles, NY

Memberships: I am an active member of SCBWI (regional and local divisions: Illustrator co-ordinator); CBIG: Guild of Natural Science Illustrators (regional and local divisions); Graphic Artists Guild and a member of the illustrator collective: Night and Day Art Collective - www.Nightanddayartcollective.com and Instagram.com/nightanddayartcollective